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Graphic - Final Creations

Click on each chair for more information and a larger image.

Spring by Julie Horowitz
Julie Horowitz

Fall by Julie Horowitz #1a
Julie Horowitz

Is the you Jackson? by Yvette Haas
Is that you Jackson?
Yvette Haas

Jack Knife Chair by Roger McKee
Jack Knife Chair
Roger McKee

Musical Chair by Dee Shapiro
Musical Chair
Dee Shapiro

The Chairman of the Board by Leslie Murry
The Chairman of the Board
Leslie Murray

Untitled by Fay O'Meara
Fay O'Meara & Eileen DaSilva

Shadow of a Cat by Pat Piscopo
Shadow of a Cat
Pat Piscopo

Silver Nesting Chair by Bridgette Rallo
Silver Nesting Chair
Bridgette Rallo

Cloud Chair by Brad Faus
Cloud Chair
Brad Faus

Taking TIme to Smell the Flowers by Joyce S. Lawton
Taking Time to Smell the Flowers
Joyce S. Lawton

Hand Blown Glass Chair by Peter Greenwood
Hand Blown Glass Chair
Peter Greenwood

Chair-ish our Coral Reefs by Rossella Pulit
Chair-ish our Coral Reefs
Rossella Pulit

Pain in the... by Christa Tubach
Pains in the…
Christa Tubach

Watch Me Grow by Kathleen White
Watch Me Grow
Kathleen White

Aboriginal Animals by Sharon Center School Students
Aboriginal Animals
Sharon Center School Students

Toucan by Raymond White

Raymond White

Hoot by Raffaela Arcamone
Raffaela Arcamone

First Star by Turi Rostad
First Star
Turi Rostad

Hippo meets Zebra by Lydia Downs
Hippo meets Zebra
Lydia Downs

Twilight Chair by David Colbert
Twilight Chair
David Colbert

Seat of Imagination By Mary Close
Seat of Imagination
Mary Close

Old Ways by Karla Woodworth
Old Ways
Karla Woodworth

Pears of Chairs by Vincent Rosa
Pears for Chairs
Vincent Rosa

The Golden Flower by Arielle M. Matthews
The Golden Flower
Arielle M. Matthews

Summer by Ana Horowitz
Ana Horowitz

Winter by Ana Horowitz #25a
Ana Horowitz

Draco's Perch by Carol Smith
Draco's Perch
Carol Smith

Nosferatu By William Blass Battle Hill Forge
William Blass
Battle Hill Forge

"Music Throguh the Decades" by Botelle Elementary School Students
"Music Through the Decades"
Botelle Elementary School Students

Under the Sea by Nicole Bastiaanse-Fritch
Under the Sea
Nicole Bastiaanse-Fritch

Sedia de Giardino (garden chair) by Gregory Karas
Sedia da Giardino
(Garden Chair)
Gregory Karas

Spring Blooms by Harold Brien
Spring Blooms
Harold Brien

Throne of the Muses by Gay Schempp
Throne for the Muses
Gay Schempp

Once Upon A Time... by Alex Bouteneff
Once Upon A Time…
Alex Bouteneff

Daisy by Joyce Carr
Joyce Carr

"Nature Notes" by  Botelle Elementary School Students
"Nature Notes"
Botelle Elementary School Students

Swirls and Curls by Lucia Gulino
Swirls and Curls
Lucia Gulino

Cultural Revolution vs. Urban Decay by Robert Rabinowitz
Cultural Revolution vs. Urban Decay
Robert Rabinowitz

Hatshepsut's Throne by Christina Hanley
Hatshepsut's Throne
Christina Hanley

Creating Our Future by Kellogg After School Program Students
Creating Our Future
Kellogg After School Program Students

A Flurry of Daisies by Jane Purcell
A Flurry of Daisies
Jane Purcell

 "Wind Songs" by Botelle Elementary School Students

"Wind Songs"
Botelle Elementary School Students

Connecticut Pastoral by Marsha Sterling
Connecticut Pastoral
Marsha Sterling

Play by Karla Woodworth
Karla Woodworth

The Chickadee Chair by Patricia Damiani
The Chickadee Chair
Patricia Damiani

Cross My Heart by Heather Damiani
Cross My Heart
Heather Damiani

Chairash by Dale Webb
Dale Webb

Home Grown by Grace Pennington
Home Grown
Grace Pennington

The Mermaid's Chair by Maryann Meken-Silvestri
The Mermaid's Chair
Maryann Meken-Silvestri

What Comes Around Goes Around by Mason Lee
What Comes Around Goes Around
Mason Lee

O'Keefe Poppy by CT Juvenile Training School Art Student
O'Keefe Poppy
CT Juvenile Training School Art Student

Escape at the Beach by Cooky Nichols
Escape at the Beach
Cooky Nichols

It's Tea TIme by Ninon deZara-Ronn
It's Tea Time
Ninon deZara-Ronn

"Musical Moments" by  Botelle Elementary School Students
"Musical Moments"
Botelle Elementary School Students

Don't Duck, Don't Cover by Joel and Rachel Schapira
Don't Duck, Don't Cover
Joel & Rachel Schapira

Click on each chair for more information and a larger image.

Chairished Books by Lauren Bitterman
Chairished Books
Lauren Bitterman

O'Keefe Swirls bu CT Juvenile Trainging School Art Students
O'Keefe Swirls
CT Juvenile Training School Art Student

Octopus' Garden by Marsha Sterling
Octopus' Garden
Marsha Sterling

Impatients for Love by Anita Gilbert
Impatients for Love
Anita Gilbert

Sun, Sea, & Sand by Nicholas Damiani
Sun, Sea & Sand
Nicholas Damiani

Inspire by Dominisk Caiati Jr.
Dominick Caiati Jr.

Penny Rug Chair by Lori Bonas

Penny Rug Chair
Lori Bonas

Angel's Hit the Atmosphere by Pam Bogert
Angel's Hit the Atmosphere
Pam Bogert

Untitled by Ruth Kole Cargil
Ruth Kole Cargill

Cuisine de Grand-mere by Lorraine Thibodeau
Cuisine de Grand-mere
Lorraine Thibodeau

Interperative Giraffe by Alicia Ammirata
Interperative Giraffe
Alicia Ammirata

Air Chair by Sergei Fedorjaczenko
Air Chair
Sergei Fedorjaczenko

Tree to Chair to Tree by Ira Barkoff
Tree to Chair to Tree
Ira Barkoff

Shaker Child's Arm Chair by Patrick Griffin
Shaker Child's Arm Chair
Patrick Griffin

SPLAT! by Hannah Warshaw
Hannah Warshaw

Yes, We Can Overcome by Patrick Purcell
Yes, We Can Overcome
Patrick Purcell

The Throne of Ariadne by Shirley Metcalf
The Throne of Ariadne
Shirley Metcalf

Cris-Cross by Anderson Warshaw
Anderson Warshaw

Chairman of the Board by Jack Baker
Chairman of the Boards
Jack Baker

"Untitld" by Cheryl Bartley
Cheryl Bartley

Take a Stand...Take a Seat by Cheryl Bartley & Priscilla Newcomb
Take a Stand… Take a Seat
Cheryl Bartley & Priscilla Newcomb

A Pumpkin Pickin' We Will Go by Aileen Casey

A Pumpkin Pickin' We Will Go
Aileen Casey

Comfortable Chair by Israel Fitcch Battle Hill Forge
Comfortable Chair
Israel Fitch Battle Hill Forge

When the Bow Breaks by Valerie Leonard
When the Bow Breaks
Valerie Leonard

Untitled by Danielle Mailer
Danielle Mailer

Untitled by Ian Ingersoll
Ian Ingersoll

Children of the World by Carol Marti
Children of the World
Carol Marti

Rockin' Ribbit by Ellen Childs
Rockin' Ribbit
Ellen Childs

School Daze by Claire Held
School Daze
Claire Held

Re-cycled Chair by Joan Pavlinsky
Re-cycled Chair
Joan Pavlinsky

Chair of Silk by Virgina Balch
Chair of Silk
Virginia Balch

My Chair (my=wommomg bidder) by Betsy Podlach
My Chair (my= wommomg bidder)
Betsy Podlach

Conflicted Chair by Peter Ketchum
Conflicted Chair
Peter Ketchum

EFFECT by Ron Crowcroft
Ron Crowcroft

Quilted Past by Pam Baker
Quilted Past
Pam Baker

Sitting on Earth by Don Bracken
Sitting on Earth
Don Bracken

Children's Folkart by Warren Public Library kids
Children's Folkart
Warren Pulbic Library Kids

Reclaimed by Amelia de Neergaard
Amelia de Neergaard

King of Hearts by Leslie Murray
King of Hearts
Leslie Murray

Going Green by Jennifer Sabella
Going Green
Jennifer Sabella

Sky Chair by Suzan Scott
Sky Chair
Suzan Scott

Puzzle Chair by Linda White
Puzzle Chair
Linda White

Muse Chair by Sayzie Carr
Muse Chair
Sayzie Carr

A Conversation by Diane Schapira
A Conversation
Diane Schapira

Thigh Chair by Tim Prentice
Thigh Chair
Tim Prentice

Leopard by Anita Gilbert
Anita Gilbert

Frog by Raymond White
Raymond White

Family Chair by Rose Orelup
Family Chair
Rose Orelup

Shaker "Rock"er by Patrick Griffin
Shaker "Rock"er
Patrick Griffin

Sculpt-chair Garden by Chaz Schaller
Sculpt-chair Garden
Chaz Schaller

My Fair Lady by Carol Moore

My Fair Lady
Carol Moore

A Chair for Graciella by Carol Smith
A Chair for Graciella
Carol Smith
Click on each chair for more information and a larger image.

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