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Graphic - Final Creations

Auction Items by Lot Number
4:30 pm  - Live Auction starts
October 17, 2009
Mohawk Mountain Lodge
Cornwall, CT

Comfortable Chair by Israel Fitcch Battle Hill Forge
Comfortable Chair
Lot # 1 Israel Fitch
Battle Hill Forge

Tree to Chair to Tree by Ira Barkoff
Tree to Chair to Tree
Lot # 2 Ira Barkoff

Jack Knife Chair by Roger McKee
Jack Knife Chair
Lot # 3 Roger McKee

Re-cycled Chair by Joan Pavlinsky
Re-cycled Chair

Lot # 4 Joan Pavlinsky

Once Upon A Time... by Alex Bouteneff
Once Upon A Time…
Lot # 5 Alex Bouteneff

Sitting on Earth by Don Bracken
Sitting on Earth
Lot # 6 Don Bracken

Throne of the Muses by Gay Schempp
Throne for the Muses
Lot # 7 Gay Schempp

Taking TIme to Smell the Flowers by Joyce S. Lawton
Taking Time to Smell the Flowers
Lot # 8 Joyce S. Lawton

Seat of Imagination By Mary Close
Seat of Imagination
Lot # 9 Mary Close

Sculpt-chair Garden by Chaz Schaller
Sculpt-chair Garden
Lot # 10 Chaz Schaller

Shaker Child's Arm Chair by Patrick Griffin
Shaker Child's Arm Chair
Lot # 11 Patrick Griffin

EFFECT by Ron Crowcroft
Lot # 12 Ron Crowcroft

Cuisine de Grand-mere by Lorraine Thibodeau
Cuisine de Grand-mere
Lot # 13 Lorraine Thibodeau

Chairman of the Board by Jack Baker
Chairman of the Boards
Lot # 14 Jack Baker

Cloud Chair by Brad Faus
Cloud Chair
Lot # 15 Brad Faus

Reclaimed by Amelia de Neergaard
Lot # 16 Amelia de Neergaard

Untitled by Fay O'Meara

Lot # 17 Fay O'Meara & Eileen DaSilva

Take a Stand...Take a Seat by Cheryl Bartley & Priscilla Newcomb
Take a Stand… Take a Seat
Lot # 18 Cheryl Bartley & Priscilla Newcomb

The Mermaid's Chair by Maryann Meken-Silvestri
The Mermaid's Chair
Lot # 19 Maryann Meken-Silvestri

Yes, We Can Overcome by Patrick Purcell
Yes, We Can Overcome
Lot # 20 Patrick Purcell

Untitled by Danielle Mailer

Lot # 21 Danielle Mailer

Chairash by Dale Webb
Lot # 22 Dale Webb

The Chairman of the Board by Leslie Murry
The Chairman of the Board
Lot # 23 Leslie Murray

Sedia de Giardino (garden chair) by Gregory Karas
Sedia da Giardino
(Garden Chair)
Lot # 24 Gregory Karas

Silver Nesting Chair by Bridgette Rallo
Silver Nesting Chair
Lot # 25 Bridgette Rallo

Conflicted Chair by Peter Ketchum
Conflicted Chair
Lot # 26 Peter Ketchum

The Throne of Ariadne by Shirley Metcalf
The Throne of Ariadne
Lot # 27 Shirley Metcalf

Pears of Chairs by Vincent Rosa
Pears for Chairs
Lot # 28 Vincent Rosa

When the Bow Breaks by Valerie Leonard
When the Bow Breaks
Lot # 29 Valerie Leonard

Untitled by Ian Ingersoll
Lot # 30 Ian Ingersoll

Nosferatu By William Blass Battle Hill Forge
Lot # 31 William Blass
Battle Hill Forge

Hatshepsut's Throne by Christina Hanley
Hatshepsut's Throne
Lot # 32 Christina Hanley

Quilted Past by Pam Baker
Quilted Past
Lot # 33 Pam Baker

Thigh Chair by Tim Prentice
Thigh Chair
Lot # 34 Tim Prentice

King of Hearts by Leslie Murray
King of Hearts

Lot # 23 Leslie Murray
Click on each chair for more information and a larger image.

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