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Graphic - preview the silent auction

Title - 3 phase silent auction

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Silent Auction Items by Lot Number
Silent Auction starts 2 pm for all 3 groups

October 17, 2009
Mohawk Mountain Lodge

4:00 pm - Silent Auction Group 2 closes
Silent Auction Group 2

Shadow of a Cat by Pat Piscopo
Shadow of a Cat
Lot # 200 Pat Piscopo

Pain in the... by Christa Tubach
Pains in the…
Lot # 201 Christa Tubach

Watch Me Grow by Kathleen White
Watch Me Grow
Lot # 202 Kathleen White

Toucan by Raymond White


Lot # 203 Raymond White

Frog by Raymond White
Lot # 204 Raymond White

First Star by Turi Rostad
First Star
Lot # 205 Turi Rostad

Draco's Perch by Carol Smith
Draco's Perch
Lot # 206 Carol Smith

Under the Sea by Nicole Bastiaanse-Fritch
Under the Sea
Lot # 207 Nicole Bastiaanse-Fritch

A Flurry of Daisies by Jane Purcell
A Flurry of Daisies
Lot # 208 Jane Purcell

Old Ways by Karla Woodworth
Old Ways
Lot # 209 Karla Woodworth

It's Tea TIme by Ninon deZara-Ronn
It's Tea Time
Lot # 210 Ninon deZara-Ronn

Chairished Books by Lauren Bitterman
Chairished Books
Lot # 211 Lauren Bitterman

Connecticut Pastoral by Marsha Sterling
Connecticut Pastoral
Lot # 212 Marsha Sterling

Impatients for Love by Anita Gilbert
Impatients for Love
Lot # 213 Anita Gilbert

Untitled by Ruth Kole Cargil
Lot # 214 Ruth Kole Cargill

Interperative Giraffe by Alicia Ammirata
Interperative Giraffe
Lot # 215 Alicia Ammirata

Children of the World by Carol Marti
Children of the World
Lot # 216 Carol Marti

Rockin' Ribbit by Ellen Childs
Rockin' Ribbit
Lot # 217 Ellen Childs

School Daze by Claire Held
School Daze
Lot # 218 Claire Held

My Chair (my=wommomg bidder) by Betsy Podlach
My Chair (my= wommomg bidder)
Lot # 219 Betsy Podlach

Puzzle Chair by Linda White
Puzzle Chair
Lot # 220 Linda White

Muse Chair by Sayzie Carr
Muse Chair
Lot # 221 Sayzie Carr

My Fair Lady by Carol Moore

My Fair Lady

Lot # 222 Carol Moore

Click on each chair for more information and a larger image.

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