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Title - 3 phase silent auction

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Silent Auction Items by Lot Number
Silent Auction starts 2 pm for all 3 groups

October 17, 2009
Mohawk Mountain Lodge

4:15 pm - Silent Auction Group 3 closes
Silent Auction Group 3

Musical Chair by Dee Shapiro
Musical Chair
Lot # 300 Dee Shapiro

Hand Blown Glass Chair by Peter Greenwood
Hand Blown Glass Chair
Lot # 301 Peter Greenwood

Chair-ish our Coral Reefs by Rossella Pulit
Chair-ish our Coral Reefs
Lot # 302 Rossella Pulit

Hoot by Raffaela Arcamone

Lot # 303 Raffaela Arcamone

Twilight Chair by David Colbert
Twilight Chair
Lot # 304 David Colbert

Play by Karla Woodworth
Lot # 305 Karla Woodworth

Spring Blooms by Harold Brien
Spring Blooms
Lot # 306 Harold Brien

Daisy by Joyce Carr
Lot # 307 Joyce Carr

Swirls and Curls by Lucia Gulino
Swirls and Curls
Lot # 308 Lucia Gulino

Cultural Revolution vs. Urban Decay by Robert Rabinowitz

Cultural Revolution
vs. Urban Decay
Lot # 309 Robert Rabinowitz

Octopus' Garden by Marsha Sterling
Octopus' Garden
Lot # 310 Marsha Sterling

The Chickadee Chair by Patricia Damiani
The Chickadee Chair
Lot # 311 Patricia Damiani

Home Grown by Grace Pennington
Home Grown
Lot # 312 Grace Pennington

Escape at the Beach by Cooky Nichols
Escape at the Beach
Lot # 313 Cooky Nichols

Don't Duck, Don't Cover by Joel and Rachel Schapira
Don't Duck, Don't Cover
Lot # 314 Joel & Rachel Schapira

Inspire by Dominisk Caiati Jr.
Lot # 315 Dominick Caiati Jr.

Penny Rug Chair by Lori Bonas

Penny Rug Chair

Lot # 316 Lori Bonas

Angel's Hit the Atmosphere by Pam Bogert
Angel's Hit the Atmosphere
Lot # 317 Pam Bogert

Air Chair by Sergei Fedorjaczenko
Air Chair
Lot # 318 Sergei Fedorjaczenko

"Untitld" by Cheryl Bartley
Lot # 319 Cheryl Bartley

A Pumpkin Pickin' We Will Go by Aileen Casey

A Pumpkin Pickin' We Will Go

Lot # 320 Aileen Casey

Chair of Silk by Virgina Balch
Chair of Silk
Lot # 321 Virginia Balch

Going Green by Jennifer Sabella
Going Green

Lot # 322 Jennifer Sabella

Sky Chair by Suzan Scott
Sky Chair
Lot # 323 Suzan Scott

A Conversation by Diane Schapira
A Conversation
Lot # 324 Diane Schapira

Leopard by Anita Gilbert
Lot # 325 Anita Gilbert

Shaker "Rock"er by Patrick Griffin
Shaker "Rock"er
Lot # 326 Patrick Griffin

A Chair for Graciella by Carol Smith
A Chair for Graciella
Lot # 327 Carol Smith

Click on each chair for more information and a larger image.

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