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Alex Bouteneff
105 Bunell Rd.
Litchfield, CT, 06790

Chair Design and Construction:
Brookside Cabinet & Millwork
Bethlehem, CT

Photo - Alex Bouteneff



Chair Photo - Once Upon A Time ...
Once Upon A Time...
Click on the chair photo
to see a larger image.

About the Artist:

Alex Bouteneff is a local physician (E.N.T. surgeon) involved in handicrafts such as glass blowing, kaleidoscope making, marquetry (wood inlay work) and ships-in-bottles. His Russian heritage informs his work. He was the featured artist on the cover of the i-towns section of the Sunday Hartford Courant

The chair is inspired by a Russian fairy tale called Tsar Saltan. It involves the Tsar’s wife and her child banished to an island (totally undeserved). The child grows up to be a magical prince, who saves the swan, which swims around the magical island (in the picture). She turns into a beautiful woman, whom the prince marries. They go back to the land from which he was banished, reclaims his rights as the Tsar and they live happily ever after.


Click on the image to see a larger version.