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Joan Pavlinsky
P.O.Box 405
Goshen, CT



Re-cycled Chair
Click on the chair photo
to see a larger image.

About the Artist:

Joan says that “to master the art of riding a bicycle you must free yourself from the idea that you are defying gravity. As a painter used to translating three dimensions into two, I am faced with the same dilemma creating this sculpture.” The inspiration for her “re-cycled chair” begins not only with a life-long enthusiasm for cycling, but a childhood that was inspired by Joan helping her father fix cars in his garage. “Dad was an Auto Body Technician who wanted me to join him as a painter in his shop after high school, but I was more interested in books.

The two girl’s bikes used for “re-cycled chair” were disassembled on June 21st, Father’s Day, with my Dad’s old tools. The long process left ample time for reflection and even though it had been 22 years since he died I felt that he was helping me that day.” All of the tinkering eventually led to a “voila” moment, which was a distinct departure from her original idea. It was in fact her brother, Walter Pavlinsky III, following in their father’s footsteps, who completed the welding of the “re-cycled chair”. Walter works out of his own shop, R& S Automotive, in Wolcott.