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CT Juvenile Training School
Art Students

c/o Julie Nearing
Middletown, CT



O'Keefe Swirls
Click on the chair photo
to see a larger image.

About the Artist:
Connecticut Juvenile Training School (C.J.T.S.) is a locked residential facility for juvenile male offenders.  Originally know as Long Lane School, C.J.T.S. transitioned to a new campus and new name in 2001.  Residents of the facility are from all over Connecticut, as the facility is the only secured residential facility for boys who commit juvenile offenses.  The youths participate in many programs at C.J.T.S., one being Art Therapy, where the chair was painted.

Program Statement: “We are a unique group of young adolescent males who reside at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School. Art Therapy is a wonderful group where we are able to cultivate our artistic talents and passions.”