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Graphic - Chairish the Arts is a project organized by the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council
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Graphic - the Chairs

Graphic - Chairs

The Arts Council had the idea of doing an art chair event several years ago. Art chairs have been done in various ways throughout the country, but rarely on a regional basis. The idea was put on the back-burner when the council got an offer in 2007 to join forces with the Northwest CT Chamber of Commerce (one of our founders), the Tri-state Chamber Commerce, the Winsted Health Center , and LARC to do A Bear Affair. The five collaborating organizations worked very closely to undertake A Bear Affair and the region-wide public art project was very successful.

Chairish the Arts is a completely separate project from A Bear Affair, but is somewhat modeled on this event. In 2008, the Arts Council decided that with the help of collaborating beneficiaries (this time arts education funding organizations) we could take on this long awaited project. Our three beneficiary organizations include After School Arts Program (ASAP), The Arts Fund for Region One, The Battell Arts Foundation each of which have regional arts education scholarship funds. With the aim of raising awareness and funds for the Arts Council, our beneficiaries and their scholarship funds, we formed a committee and began work in November 2008. The Chairish committee consists of board members from the Arts Council, community members dedicated to the mission of the project, and representatives from each of the 3 beneficiary organizations.

Chairish the Arts was structured in a very inclusive way, i.e. any artist (professional, amateur, student) could create an art chair -- no fee was required, guidelines were loose, artist were to provide, build, or get one from those donated to the Arts Council. We also brought on event sponsors, rather than individual chair sponsors, so all chairs were supported. We had no idea so many artists would register and come through with such varied and beautiful creations. We have 98 artists, or collaborating artists, with several doing more than one chair for a total of 108 chairs! Click here to see the final creations.

The chairs are placed throughout our 24-town service area in local businesses for the Tour de Chair. The businesses were selected based on their hours of operation, traffic, and spread throughout the 24-town region. Each business contributed a small sum to have an art chair displayed at their site, and be included in the exposure that comes with the project. The Tour de Chair goes until October 12th with fantastic prizes for those who participate in the trivia challenge. After that, the chairs will be collected for the auction on Saturday, October 12th at Mohawk Ski Lodge.

None of this would be possible without the incredible support of our event sponsors, the hardworking committee members, the generous artists (remember – they donated their time and materials), Tour de Chair prize contributors (click here to see some prizes), and many others who have helped on the project. We hope folks will enjoy coming to the auction on October 17th and want to own an art chair to help support the arts and arts education scholarship funds.

Graphic - Auction Postcard